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PR Daily Sits Down with Michael Coston to Discuss WFH Tools 


PR Daily interviewed Michael Coston about how the virtual environment has affected his work, changed his business practices, and provided him with new tools to consider for engaging in the virtual world.  

Michael shared, "My academic background is focused on interpersonal communications – studying strategies to read the room, build rapport, resolve conflict, persuade, etc. The virtual environment has really impacted how people normally engage in these areas, and it’s forced me to learn new techniques. I’ve enjoyed the process."

When asked about his No.1 message to clients, co-workers, or employees for the rest of 2020, Michael focused on leading with kindness: "There’s been so much thought leadership on this already, but I would underscore the importance of random acts of kindness during these times of tumult. Many people are struggling to get through the new normal that we’re all dealing with, and acts of kindness really help make it easier for everyone to push through and endure."


Michael also shared his PR predictions for 2021, adding "The pandemic and racial justice movement have provided important opportunities for PR professionals to demonstrate their ability to advise and lead clients in various ways, including developing messaging to define and advance their clients’ (or organization’s) culture and share value propositions that really resonate with their target markets. The importance of effective PR will only continue to grow as we make our way through these unprecedented times."


You can view the full feature article here

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