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Dr. natalie rock

Dr. Natalie Rock is a seasoned DEI strategist, researcher, and analyst who focuses on understanding workplace experiences from an intersectional perspective. She helps lead Coston’s organizational survey programs, DEI assessments, trainings, and data analysis services.

Following positions in research and policy at the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (UK), Dr. Rock pursued a master’s in Research Methods from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), where she also obtained her Ph.D.

Her Ph.D. research examined the intersections between social networks, gender segregation, and gender stereotyping in the context of entrepreneurship. Before relocating to the United States, Dr. Rock was a Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dr. Rock is also an alumna of Linköping University’s renowned master’s program in Gender, Intersectionality, and Change, and has published in a range of journals including The International Journal of Social Research Methodology, Gender in Management, and The Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. She has been a Resident Scholar at both the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., and the Institute for Advanced Studies on Science, Technology, and Society, Graz University in Austria.

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