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Essence Spotlights Coston Consulting's Innovative ELearning Platform for Legal Marketing Expertise


Coston Consulting, a black-owned firm that caters to the legal industry, has made a significant step towards empowering lawyers with enhanced marketing and business development skills through their newly launched eLearning program, the Coston Elevate Curriculum. This program is tailored to meet the needs of law firm associates and junior partners by providing them with the tools required for personal branding, client outreach, and ultimately, revenue generation.


Recognizing the highly competitive nature of the legal field, Michael Coston, CEO of Coston Consulting, emphasized the necessity for those in the early stage of their legal career to cultivate these skills to differentiate themselves and attract business. The program offers two distinct tracks; the Core program covers fundamental aspects of personal branding, marketing, and networking, while the Advanced track is designed for senior associates and new partners who want to master skills like raising profile, pitching, client relations, and cross-selling.


The Coston Elevate Curriculum provides a flexible and user-friendly platform for learning. Attorneys can access video-learning modules, interactive quizzes, resource templates, checklists, and FAQs on various devices, including laptops and tablets. Subscribers have unlimited access and can engage with the content at their own pace, which facilitates continual professional development in a manner that fits their busy schedules.


The introduction of this curriculum is particularly impactful given that black lawyers only constitute 5% of the U.S. legal community. By equipping these lawyers with robust marketing and business development skills, Coston Consulting aims to enhance their marketability and ability to connect with the right clients.


Read the full article by Jasmine Browley on, "This Black-Owned Business Firm Launched A Program To Help Lawyers Better Market Themselves And Reach More Clients."

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