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Michael Coston Discusses Diversity Fatigue with and How to Combat it 


Michael Coston, CEO of Coston Consulting, is featured in a recent report focused on diversity fatigue and how law firms must combat it. In the article, Michael explains “If you don’t do the introspection and deal with your truths, you can easily fall into performative tactics because they are viewed as an industry-best standard instead of customizing strategies that are designed for your firm and your journey.” 

Michael also encourages readers to not forget about the many different types of individuals impacted by DEI fatigue, “When I think of diversity fatigue, the first bucket I think about are the HR and DEI leaders that are subject to resistance and are being held accountable for progress,” he explains. He also expresses empathy for “the people who are part of underrepresented groups that have been lied to for so many years. Looking at it at an industry level, they know that promises have been made and not kept. There is a fatigue that sets in knowing that the words haven’t aligned with the actions. Sort of ‘here we go again.’”

The full article is available here.

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