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Michael Coston Speaks at LMA Northeast conference 2022


Michael Coston, CEO of Coston Consulting, will participate in the panel discussion "Gaze into the Crystal Ball: Marketing Masters Forecast 2023” at the 2022 Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Northeast Conference at the Westin Times Square in NYC.

Moderated by LMA Hall of Fame award winner Deborah Farone, the panel of seasoned marketers will share what they expect to see in 2023, and demonstrate how to apply what they’ve learned from other industries to law firms. Michael Coston and his fellow panelists will discuss how looking at marketing across all forms of media and a break-down-the-silos campaign approach makes a difference.

Questions covered will include:

  • What are the lessons we can learn from V-Friends Gary Vee, LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman and Spanx’s Sara Blakely on how to rethink our approach to marketing law firms?

  • How can you operate a marketing program by utilizing campaign marketing ideas we see consumer or other B2B products using?

  • How can you use the rinse-and-repeat methodology that brings marketing impact?

  • Why do Instagram and Twitch really matter to law firms?

  • How does diversity play a role in how we market law firms in a myriad of ways you may not expect?

  • How can you sell back results to management in a creative way that excites support for further marketing and creates an esprit de corps to drive change?


Click here for more information about the program.  

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