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Coston Consulting is a certified Black-owned business advisory firm that specializes in helping law firms advance their business generation, talent development, and culture goals. Coston's partners and professionals include former CMOs, business development executives, and DEI experts who collaborate to offer clients a unique multidisciplinary approach to address their most significant business needs.


We leverage our team’s diverse academic backgrounds, professional experiences, and perspectives to offer clients a unique, multidisciplinary, and intersectional approach to help advance their goals through customized strategies that are designed for impact.


Our approach is rooted in active listening and working hard to understand our clients’ histories, challenges, and opportunities. We respect that each organization is unique and has its own culture. The more we can understand this culture, along with the many variables that influence and sustain it, the better positioned we are to develop effective solutions to meet an organization’s needs.




Unlock your potential. Elevate your brand.

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