Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Our consultants provide a full range of DEI consulting services to help guide organizations and business leaders through their most important DEI challenges and opportunities. From developing customized DEI surveys that allow clients to better understand and assess their DEI needs, to conducting extensive audits that identify DEI gaps and successes, we pride ourselves on leveraging an inclusive and data-driven approach to meet your DEI needs. Our consultants also regularly act as key advisors to business leaders across industries, including CEOs, Managing Partners, and Boards of Directors, to help them navigate complex issues and avoid public and internal pitfalls related to DEI. Focus areas include:     ​

  • Executive/Leadership advisory services  

  • DEI surveys & employee feedback programs

  • Customized trainings & workshops

  • Program audits & assessments 

  • DEI Committee Consulting

  • DEI strategy sessions

  • DEI coaching and therapeutic counseling

  • Strategic planning

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